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Automatic non-woven screen printing machine

Our company focuses on the development of machinery industry,Major equipment:Automatic printing machine,Elliptical printing machine,Taiwan version of the printing machine,Woven screen printing machine,Roll to roll screen printing machine,Screen Label Printing Machine,Semi-automatic, manual presses=Screen printing auxiliary Machinery
印花机 丝网印花机 全自动印花机 椭圆形印花机 服装印花机 t恤丝网印花机
Automatic screen printing machine seriesAutomatic screen printing machine series
Semi-automatic screen printing machine seriesSemi-automatic screen printing machine series
Manual screen printing machine seriesManual screen printing machine series
Screen Printing Prepress EquipmentScreen Printing Prepress Equipment
Silkscreen printing equipment seriesSilkscreen printing equipment series
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Automatic screen printing machine
Automatic printing machine
Multi-color automatic printing machine
Multi-color automatic printing machine
Multi-color automatic printing machine
Multi-color automatic printing machine
Multi-color automatic printing machine

Multi-color automatic circular screen printing machine product brief:
       This machine adopts centralized control system, man-machine interface, simple operation, operation more accurate and stable by electric scraper, raising the stamp definition and Quality.Squeegee stroke and angle adjustment, convenient, each scraper working pressure can be adjusted separately.The machine adopts the machine, electricity, gas integration Automatic control principle, use screen printing ink layer, so that the product full of rich, high color fastness, strong hiding power, color precision.The machine is composed of PLC Control system, work area and the printing head work procedure may be selected by the user using a combination of printing head, are equipped with infrared dryer, big Increase work efficiency.
      The unique parallel module combination of design, according to the user's requirements in the original machine add the print head, (such as is now a 3 color machine, the user because of business need 5 color machine.With us as long as you can in the machine to add a 2 print head.)There is no In the purchase of a 5 color machine, from ensuring customer investment security.
      The machine adopts the servo drive system drives the chain and guide way, more assurance of equipment with high strength and stability, so that the printed products The quality and speed faster.
Multicolor printing machine for ring:
      This product is widely applied to pieces: PVC film, advertisement, POP cut pieces of clothing, hats, gloves, masks, vamps, shoes, insoles, leather, glass, ceramics and other multi-color screen printing.
Disposable multicolor finish, solve the printing process printed matter overprinter shrink and bring difficulty, and really different ink can choose to ordinary Ink, ink, ink and other drying methods uv.And a large number of reducing artificial, factory area,reduce the reject rate, improve the wire cable Precision.
Note: The special models and specifications can be customized.
Note: For any production problems encountered, please contact us and we will give you a best solution.

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