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Automatic non-woven screen printing machine

Our company focuses on the development of machinery industry,Major equipment:Automatic printing machine,Elliptical printing machine,Taiwan version of the printing machine,Woven screen printing machine,Roll to roll screen printing machine,Screen Label Printing Machine,Semi-automatic, manual presses=Screen printing auxiliary Machinery。
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Automatic screen printing machine seriesAutomatic screen printing machine series
Semi-automatic screen printing machine seriesSemi-automatic screen printing machine series
Manual screen printing machine seriesManual screen printing machine series
Screen Printing Prepress EquipmentScreen Printing Prepress Equipment
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Automatic screen printing machine
Automatic printing machine
Automatic multi-color screen printing machine is introduced
Glass screen printing machine
automatic screen printing machine
screen printing machine
silk-screen printing machine
non-woven fabric printing machin
manual screen printing machine
PCB printing machine, PCB printing machine
screen printing factory, electric screen printing machine
automatic roll to roll printing machine
and the blue roll to roll printing machine
一、First, the scope:
1、Printing Type: Flat screen printing.
2、Printing range: woven, knitted garments bolts of cloth, pieces printing; sweaters, cardigans large format printing (printing), luggage leather synthetic leather fabric direct printing; PVC, PU, ​​PP, PE and other thin film materials direct screen printing.
3、Printed materials: water slurry, mortar, various ink.
4.、Wide range of applications: manual treadmill can print process, TB series is also suitable for printing machine platen and print better.

A, scope of application

1. The printing type: flat screen printing.

Cuttings 2. Scope: printing categories: tatting and knitting garments, printed cloth, cut pieces; Large-format printing (printing) of sweater, sweater, bags leather leather fabrics printed directly; The whole class: PVC, PU, PP, PE film materials such as direct screen printing.

3. Printed material: water slurry, mucilage, all kinds of printing ink.

4. Applicable range: artificial run machine can print process, bedplate printing machine is also suitable for PW series, and print better.

Automatic multi-color screen printing machine is introduced:

Automatic multi-color screen printing machine is a high-tech company the accumulation of many years of experience in printing process and the study of science and technology with the combination of a model. Is one of the printing industry's most representative cuttings of the new type of flat screen printing machine, its performance to meet the needs of all kinds of printing technology, which has good stability, high precision operation, fast speed, easy operation, low mechanical failure rate, less maintenance, save energy in the direction of the design and processing, fully meet the characteristics of many varieties more pattern printing process. Relying on industry, printing industry is the only option, and be your best business partner. According to different requirements can be customized water-based paste and oily ink printing machine.

A, multi-function, central control system. Printed every step of production process and operation of large color touch-screen functionality intuitive clear, use is very simple and easy to understand, to any operator can quickly get started, without any operation training on communication barriers.

Second, the special organization body, high precision, machine overall stability is strong, even in high speed production, to adapt to a variety of printing process requirements, and ensure the printing precision.

Third, automatic positioning device, using imported printing conduction band combination driven by servo motor and encoder automatic range positioning, ensure the accuracy of the printing set of a matching color.

Fourth, fast printing speed, automatic printing, automatic back to ink device, ink scraper back knife pressure Angle can be adjustable, alone no color printing. This machine is an ideal printing machine, automatic washing device, to improve printing quality grade of considerable contribution.

Five, convenient for color change version change, when printing color change does not need to seal plate can save time, in order to improve the work efficiency, infra-red positioning device can be adjusted, and that the operating personnel quickly locking margin more accurate.

Six, machine control box, equipped with counter displays on a touch screen, printing, can be reset after a single recounted to do printing production control of measurement. Production efficiency of tracking and statistics.

Automatic multi-color screen printing machine features:

1. The man-machine interface, manual and automatic free choice;

2. The space can be adjusted in all directions, fine-tuning adjustment screen and simple and easy to clean;

3. Counter function and automatic control system, color touch screen, man-machine interface. A variety of operating mode, easy and flexible.  

2. Printing machine alarm functions;

4. Automatic washing function;

5. The blade Angle scrapping printing speed can be adjusted separately;

6. The laser marking machine accurate positioning;

7.Operation process waiting time can be set freely;

8. Conveyor belt, it can adjust size is suitable for all kinds of printing;  

9. Higher space/second, cleaning at any time without unloading version;

10. Less labor, high yield, save human resource and wage costs;

11. The machine use safe operation, in addition to the motor is 380 v, machine other appliances are all 24 v

Main components:

1. The frequency converter, PLC, adopts the seamless belt tension

3. Printing conduction band driving device: the main transmission adopts servo motor, with high precision of smooth operation, tinted precision.

4. Interval positioning control device: this machine adopts servo transmission, transmission distance can be adjusted, jump for every version of printing, plug line, continuous printing printing method can conquer all.

5. Space elevator system: space can be secondary level up to wipe, scrubbing convenient version of the bottom. Avoid the disassembly version delay production.

6. Automatic cleaning system: wash with a spatula and brush roller, automatic cleaning the surface of the belt cloth and residue slurry, ensure the quality of printing and printing substrates clean.

7. Scrapping printing device: pneumatic shave brush and ink back completely independent control, printing movement synchronization conduction band connection device, scraping the brush back ink can be free to choose.
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